Monday, December 20, 2010


God is always revealing what is in our hearts. Sometimes the good and sometimes the not so good. Last night I was rewarded with a treasure that every Mom, Dad, Grandmother and Grandfather pray for. I saw the fruit of the Holy Spirit in my children and grandchildren. They gave me a beautiful James Avery ring,exactly like the one that was stolen 2 weeks ago during a robbery in my home. This ring is inscribed with the words " I am my beloved and He is mine". Billy gave this to me at Christmas 5 years ago. Tonight my children are revealing what is in their hearts,that they want to give selflessly, that even the grandchildren wanted to give from their piggy banks, that they honor the words that we are all His Beloved children. Please join me in rejoicing that my family belongs to the Lord. Even more, we are now connected to those people who broke into my house so please pray with me for them. Lord, I bless each person that meant me harm by breaking into my house and taking what was not theirs. Bless them with the Love that comes from knowing You and bless them the kindness that will lead them to repentence. Bless them with the greatest gift, the gift of salvation. Daddy, I know these children will come home to you. Thank you for faithfully answering our prayers.

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