Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to the Future

Vacations/spring break/retreats....All are meant to give us new motivation to live in our daily tasks. I had a week of rest, fun, and friendship with long time friends George and Leslie. I went to Alabama to see their new home and was completely spoiled and pampered. Leslie and I went on an adventure to find my father's and grandmother's family home in Meridian,Mississippi. The trip in itself was filled with beautiful country side with spring proclaiming its arrival. We were able to make a 2 1/2 hours trip into 4 hours with only having to ask for directions once.We found the house with only my memory guiding me. I spent so many summers in this house with a grandmother whose loving care and sense of humor couldn't be matched. The church was across the street where she sang in" the choir and the cemetary next door where she and the entire family is buried reminded me that again life and family are but a breath but that one day all will be together again in our heavenly home. I was also able to connect to a cousin who has joined me in this jouney to the past. He and I have had some time via email and phone calls to recall people and stories of this amazing family. I asked the Lord what His purposes for this trip was in my life. The obvious already has been explained . He loves every generation and He wants to remind us of how faithful He has been to us all. He has given us an inheritance that we must build on.
An exclamation mark came with my flight home. My plane trip was routed from Pensacola to Atlanta to Houston. I had to travel 3 hours east (by plane) to arrive 1 1/2 hours west of my starting point. Thus my title." Back to the Future" Sometimes we must all travel back to recognize His hand in our present and future. God bless you,Jennifer

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  1. So glad you had this time! Loved the blog. I could feel the love in each word! xoxox